Day 5 and 6@Morocco


Yesterday we had a trouble free ride to Ouled Driss and stayed at Carrefour des nomades which is run by a Belgian where you can eat something else than Tajine all the time, we had a skewer with Belgian fries 🙂

I brought 2 new disks for the front brakes to have them installed in Morocco, because since a couple of years when braking hard at high speed there was an annoying steering wheel shimmy, and now and then there was some noise coming from the front axle.   Since we arrived early today we went to the garage just across the street, Garage Dakar.  If you  pass it both sides of the street are covered with 4×4 car wrecks, it looks like if you dare to leave your car in his hands it will end up as a total-loss serving as spare parts donor.  But the guy is good and  knows Landcruiser 80’s very well and drives one also.  He was really jealous about our car:-).  He did a good job and this morning we took off direction Erg Chegagga avoiding the tourist camps in the North East we take the southern route to Foum Zguid. We found ourselves a nice spot at the most South Western end of  Erg Chegagga.   I drove over a medium high dune to find a nice flat spot a bit further.  We are enjoying the sun and the absolute silence the only thing to hear is the occasional flly.   Tomorrow we will have to figure out how to get back out over these dunes and find our way to lake Irriki.  To be able to type this message I had to climb to the top of a dune were I have perfect 4G reception in the middle of nowhere just amazing.


Merry Christmas from KriPa





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