Save garmin Gps tracks on android

One of the nicest features of our Garmin GPSMAP 278 is that you can log your actual driven route.  This way you can check afterwards at home where you have been , via for example google maps or google earth.  The tracks on this site are logged that way.  The disadvantage of the 278 is that you can maximum log 10.000 track points what is not enough on most trips.  If you wish to log the whole route you have to connect the GPS to a PC and save the Track on a PC.   This was the only reason why we always had to take a laptop with us.   From now on this is no longer neccessary because you can connect the old  Garmin via an OTG USB kabel vwith an android smartphone of tablet.   That way you can save the tracks on the smartphone of tablet and you no longer have to take a laptop with you.

I tested it with a Garmin gps 60 and a Garmin GPSMAP 278 and it works like a charm.

With these apps you can transfer the tracks.


By means of this app you can test if it works for you.





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