Albania Days 1-4

I found an internet connection today and think I discovered why the daily tracklog posts where not posted to facebook.  Wait and see.  Yesterday we passed the lila house but the Milka cow was not home.


We had rain for 6 days now with some bits of sunshine in between.  Luckily the temperature is not that cold, about the same as in Belgium, and there the sun is shining.  But since we are driving a lot of off-road,  the tracks are starting to look more and more like rivers with muddy islands in between. (It is difficult to take a decent picture through a wet windscreen)


Since we drive alone, we are on our own when we get stuck and I forgot the shovel at home.  Not too big difficulties yet but it keeps raining…

But the rain is nothing compared to the picture below.  We passed this fuel station today,  or what’s left of it.  Not sure what happened here but I am glad we weren’t there when it happened.


Yesterday we took shelter for the night in an abandoned building from the soviet era,  unfortunately the roof was missing.


In the morning we had a visit of a big young wet dog that wanted to play.


He left his marks.





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