Sea Camels @ Essaouira

Suicidal animals and citizens.
This morning we left some rubber on the streets of Morocco. First I had to avoid two suicidal dogs and a couple of hours later 2 kids were running fast alongside the road at the point we almost past them one of them all of a sudden without looking crossed the street just in front of the car. I braked as hard as I could and steered away from him. The wheels blocked and the car went hard to the left. Somehow during the whole action I managed hooting. I have no idea how I managed to avoid him and how he made it alive.
Anyhow we are now chilling @Essaouira a city that was visited by Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling stones, Bob Marley, Paul Simon etc… We passed the Jimi Hendrix hotel/café. He must have made some impression since they still talk about his visit 47 years ago. The visit of KriPa will hopefully not make a lot of fuzz as long as I do not drive over suicidal dogs or kids.



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2 Responses

  1. mike says:

    man man toch 😉 moakt da mee … wel extra punten 😉

    i like ‘sea ‘

  2. mike says:

    i like ‘sea camels’
    emoji werken nie op uwe website 😉