Last night in Albania

We left the middle of nowhere and are spending our last day and night on a camp site with view on Rozafa castle
We first went to a “Lavazh speziale” to get the car washed, it was very much needed.  We were anxiously waiting for the result, so that we could see how many scratches where left permanently on the car from driving through the dense vegetation.   If you stand far enough from the car and close your eyes a bit, it is still ok.

The initial plan was to spend our last night at the lake Shkodra resort camp site however when we arrived there, all we saw were cars with caravans with the well known yellow with black numbers license plates enough to chase us away, we did not even make it to the entrance.
Tomorrow we will leave Albania and start our trip back to the north. Discussion is still ongoing which route we will take.  The initial idea was to test out the new motorway from Albania to the capital of Kosovo and then via Serbia and Croatia back to Belgium but since the Serbs do not recognize Kosovo’s independence, chances are they do not allow you to cross the border when you did not first enter Serbia via a “legal” border, and then they send you back. Should be no problem when crossing without a passport and only use our national ID cards but nevertheless we are not going to take the risk.



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