“Sjatten en Taloren”

Yesterday we camped in the dunes of Erg Chegaga. It was good to be back in the sand. During the night however we got some heavy wind and after some hours without sleep due to the noise in the rooftent we spent the rest of the night in the car, in the morning we discovered that the rear outer main entrance flaps were both unzipped and were probably causing most of the noise, we will never know if this is true, anyhow due to this we saw thousands stars.
This morning we continued the journey towards M’hamid it was a nice drive but due to the wind the visibility was reduced to zero. We passed the point at which we had some serious technical problems before, it took us hours to get back on the road 6 years ago. Due to the wind we drove up north to the town of Zagora were we will spent the night. We met a mechanic who speaks Flemish he says “Sjatten en Taloore” and also a “kakske in a plastieke zakske”. We will see what the wind does tomorrow before we decide what we will do next. Happy Christmas.



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