Salaam aleikum from Erg Chebbi

There has been a problem with our short messages via satellite that did not get posted onto our website or facebook. This was caused by a change in the domain name of our satellite provider but should be all sorted now, we also had some real problems.  On Christmas we had to change a broken wheel bearing 🙁   Santa brought us a new one :-),  for those who do not know what a broken bearing looks like see picture above.   We off-roaded via some really beautiful tracks during the past couple of days and some more is yet to come.  We try to alternate between wild camping and making use of the facilities of a camp-site on most camp sites we do not prepare dinner ourselves. There are almost no tourists, we drive all day long without seeing a single car and the few tourists we do encounter say the same thing.  That makes it fun to go to a camp site, it is much like wild camping because we have the whole camp site to ourselves.  Last night we had our best dinner and breakfast till now in camping El Mharech. We are now near Erg Chebbi which is a much more visited place than erg Chegaga but even here, it is rather calm.  The disadvantage is that the locals see you as the guy that will make up there complete season they are literally fighting for every customer which is not always fun when you are the bait.   We will most likely also stay here tomorrow and maybe even the day after.  We plan to go to Boudnid for New Year’s eve.   Last time we were here we drove onto the highest dune but we started too late we had an apero drink on top and then had to drive back down in the dark.  We will try not to repeat this and stick to the sundowner 🙂



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