Left erg chebbi behind

This morning we left the dunes of erg Chebbi and started our off-road journey back to the north.  It was a super scenic drive, with lots of variations in terrain and landscape, we had rocks, sand, mountains and canyons.  We did not encounter one living soul during the whole day.  We are now installed @ camp Rekkam where we will spend the next couple of days and also new year’s eve.  It will be quiet special since we have the entire camp site to ourselves.  In 2017 we will continue off-road towards the north.   This will be our last stop with facilities and probably also internet until the ferry, which we plan to take on the 4th of january @ the port of Nador.  Depending on the weather and the usual delays with the ferry etc. it is possible that we stop to pay a visit of our old BOAR friend Bernd who is currently in Spain.      





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