Track Italy 2014

Early september we would go on reconnaisance to Italy, there was not much of a plan, we would get in the car and see where we arrive. It appeared that the first weekend of our hollidays was the weekend of Tanks in Town 2014 and also the weekend of Willys Treffen this was bad planning. So we had to make some choices en because our holliday was not long ,  TIT 2014 was not an option. Willys Treffen was an option if we used it as a stopover on our Italy journey.  The choices was no longer difficult when we learned that several friends, also were going to Willys Treffen. Above this a visit to the eagles nest had been on our wish list for some time and this was a perfect opportunity.  The plan was to pay a quick visit to Willys Treffen and  from there continu to the eagles nest and further down to Italy where we planned to do a clockwise tour. There was not much planned upfront we would go as far south as Monte Cassino and from there on go back north and return via the Stelvio Pass. On the road a visit of the island Elba was possible so not very much longer we were on a ferry direction Elba.  We were there mid-september and even then some parts where overcrowded with tourists,  lots of campings where fully booked,  it must be a nightmare during high season.



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