After a long day, we arrived @Irun in basque country Spain

Day 1 km:1148

It was a very long day today and this on one of the shortest days of the year.   

We left early this morning and in the beginning all went smooth even crossing Paris, but then just after Paris  hell broke loose, it looked like all 66,9 million French  woke up and got in their cars on the road.  We had to call Waze to the rescue several times in order to make any progress to the south.

Queues were everywhere, on the road, queues to get in a rest area, queues for the toilets, queues to get back on the road, we even had to queue for 20 minutes to get a hot dog.

While driving we found out that the hotel we had in mind in the mean time was fully booked. We did not book anything in advance we normally book on the road, this turns out to be a bad idea during the Christmas holidays.  Result we are still on schedule and are back in the same hotel as last year.  We left the Spanish toll road and our hotel was less than a km away, at the next junction however I took the wrong turn and we ended again on the toll road, had to pay toll again and drive an extra 12km…

Our car has lots of horse power with one  donkey behind the wheel and since  a donkey never hits a stone twice we immediately booked our hotel for tomorrow @Algeciras.

Our only concern now is getting there since the recurring noise is back coming from the front left…..



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