Arrived @ Midelt

Day 3 km 618 (total 2882)

The ferry has left the port of Algeciras with a delay of only an half hour,  so we can’t complain. Although we have some experience in chaos while boarding a ferry, this time again scored high on the chaos scale!   In the end we had to move our car into a separate spot in the front part of the ferry, so we would need to reverse to get off the ship.  We feared this meant we had to wait till all cars were off the ferry,  but we were lucky: the friendly employee let us reverse first while stopping all other cars so we could get off first.   Went smoothly through customs, except for the fact that it started to rain. We were in no time back on the road and did not even have to open the car.  The same questions as usual: do you have any firearms?  (Yes a lot but I left them at home)  Do you have a drone…  And this year’s new question was: do you have a motorcycle?   I looked at him and looked at my car do you mean in there?  🙂   Off we went.

It was a very scenic route between Mekness and Midelt in lovely weather,  we saw lots of monkeys and donkeys.

Our longer transit legs are now over for this year and tomorrow we will cover the first off-road stretch of this tour.

Tomorrow night we plan to be @Boudnib a former garrison city of the French Foreign Legion.   

Edit: forgot that we saw numerous Storks.



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