Small world :-)

Day 5 km 164 (Total 3460)

Yesterday night we were sitting in the restaurant of the Rekkam camp site,  when a couple entered,  I turned around and said isn’t that Josephine and Frederik from  When they were on their way out I shouted their names and they came to our table, I was right.  It took a moment before they recognized us, but it quickly came back after a couple of drinks.  Although we live only 17km away from each other, we haven’t seen them since  the 7th of June 2009, the day we left for Mongolia.

They are famous for driving through the Congo, a must read for every traveler.  Since they arrived at night from Nador, they were dead tired and planned to stay one more day at Boudnib and will follow more or less our tracks the next day.

We agreed to meet again ten years from now.

the same evening, we met a lovely couple in the restaurant from Moroccon/Algerian descent.

Today we drove one of our favorite off-road tracks from Boudnib to Erg Chebbi,  as usual we did not see a single car during the whole day.  Tomorrow we continue our off-road journey along the Algerian border to Mharech one of our favorite places in Morocco. (No internet access and even no phone reception there, so you will have to do with a small satellite text message tomorrow evening)

Pictures of the day:









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