Home Sweet Cold Home

Day 14 km 1258 (Total 7629)

KriPa is back home.

We left Biarritz just before sunrise, after a while it looked like we were going to have a sunny day,  a few kms later however, it started to rain….had quite some heavy rain showers during the trip up north…   

When we passed Bordeaux it was clear that France has had a serious part of rain: the center of Bordeaux was flooded and during our journey to the North several rivers and meadows were flooded.

Rather late we decided to bypass Paris via Le Mans and Rouen.

It is always fun to cross the Belgian after sunset, it puts a smile on my face when you arrive on a well  illuminated motorway (these days probably to see the potholes)

Anyway we made it back from a fabulous trip.

In the planning phase we considered several scenarios: flying in and renting a vehicle,  shipping our vehicle to the south of Spain and flying in, etc….

After the trip it is clear that taking our own car is the best option,  since we love to drive.





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