Day 4 @ Morocco

We left the dunes at Merzouga behind and took a less travelled route to arrive at El Mharech from the north bypassing Ouzina and Ramlia.   Nevertheless we met a “faux guide” that tried to convince us, the route we had foreseen was not passable etc… Germans were stuck in the Oued etc…  Lots of Fech Fech and I do not know wich other disasters we were about to face 🙂

Anyhow we arrived early afternoon without a problem except of some navigation issues in a cordon of small dunes mainly because we were not paying attention.

BTW There is WIFI now @Mharech via Satellite.

We did not see one tourist today and we are the only ones staying @Mharech which is a pity because the location and the food is always great here.

Tomorrow we head for Ouled Driss to Carrefour des Nomades.






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