Track Morocco 2018-2019

The logged track of our last trip.

We introduce our new track viewer:

The tracks we put on the website are simplified tracks this means that points were removed from the track for performance and size reasons, we however try to keep the result as realistic as possible. The consequence is off-course that some detail is lost. The total distance is also a calculated distance, because points were removed this total distance is always less than the real distance. 

The colours alternate per day.  Hovering over a track colour will show you the date of that part.

Clicking on   shows the map in fullscreen. 

Via  it is possible to switch to satellite view and it also gives the possibility to include or exclude certain days from the tracklog.

  shows an elevation profile of the selected days.

A popup opens by default and shows some extra information for the days selected. It can be closed.  After closing the popup it can be opened again by clicking on the track.

Any remarks, questions or suggestions on our new track viewer are most welcome.




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