Happy New Year

Day 10 km 321 (Total 4383)

Yesterday we had a pleasant last night of the year @Carrefour des Nomades which is run by Luc, a Belgian and his cook Hassan.

Besides Luc we had the company of Josephine and Frederik of radio baobab , 5 Australians, 5 Spanish and one  inevitable Dutch couple.  After dinner we sat outside around a camp fire and cracked some more bottles.  This morning I woke up quite early due to a convoy of Moroccan army trucks passing by, mainly Reo’s accompanied by a Humvee.   After breakfast we took the piste to Erg Cheggaga and @ the erg we headed North to find the piste to Foum Zguid. It was a sunny hot day today, I even switched on the climate control.   Once past the dunes of Cheggaga it was a rather rocky day: Rocks and stones a volonté



 Just before Foum Zguid @ the military check point the soldiers were in a good mood.  I gave them 2 cold Westmalle Triples, I am sure they did not check a lot the rest of the day:-)   We pumped some air in the tires and drove through the Atlas mountains, we stopped at camp site Atlas View where we enjoyed the sunset and the full moon.  Tomorrow we start the trek back North.  We plan to take the ferry at the latest on Thursday but depending on our progress, it could be a day earlier.    We loved this year’s trip; we had lovely weather, it was much warmer than last year. Because of the cold last year we booked some hotels,  in the end it turned out to be warmer outside than in the hotel rooms 🙂

The pictures:

Le dromedaire de Luc, patron du Carrefour des Nomades:

Luckily we did not need to visit Garage Dakar (fingers crossed) according to Luc, the expert in 80 series Land Cruiser.

Probably the most photographed Landy in Moroccco





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