Tracklog 14/08/18

On our last day here in Verdun, we decided to stay in the neighborhood and visited the (war) memorials in and around Verdun. Visited a.o. “Ossuaire de Douamont”, Fort de Douamont and the WWI cemetery of Verdun (Pavé de Faubourg), where, next to numerous French graves, 7 unknown graves ,4 Canadian/2 British airmen, 25 Russians, also 3 Belgians (WW2) have been buried : 1 Belgian army soldier (Hubert Losfelt) and 2 French Foreign Legion soldiers (Ferdinand De Ligne and Marcel Alloucherie – both  Belgian nationality), all died for France, killed in 1940. It took us a while to understand the “layout” of the cemetery and finally found the grave of the Flemish Légionnaire (born in Moerzeke on 12/03/1912), Ferdinand De Ligne.


[tsmap track=24]



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