Day 10 @Morocco

Instead of staying another night @Camp Serdar and explore the surroundings we decided this morning we will do this another time and decided to cruise along on the deserted roads of south-Morocco. We drove through Zagora and although the lures on mopeds of the local garages invited us into their garage we had no lust to stop this time, instead we continued and took the turn towards Foum-Zguid and cruised along through the beautifull scenery.   Halfway I threw in some washboard piste to keep us awake and alert.  We are now at Tata were disaster struck us eight years ago 🙂 

We did also pass a Palm café today!

Tomorrow we cruise along to Icht were we will stay for the last two days of 2018.  From 2019 on we will start the return to the North.

The pictures of the day:




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