Day 7 @Morocco

It was a very long and very cold night, we both still have a cold and are coughing all night, the thousands stars that were present made it all worth.

We found a way out of the dunes and across lake Iriki. The soldiers at the military checkpoints were in a good mood today, at a certain checkpoint we were even welcomed by a soldier with a serving tray and two hot glasses of Moroccan tea, we gave him  Belgian chocolats in return. He asked for vodka and whisky…

On the old Dakar track in the direction of Tata we turned north towards Foum Zguid from where we took the tarred road over the mountains to Ouarzazate were we are now.

We will soon leave here on foot to search for a restaurant and we will again be in for another cold night with a lot of coughing, if you know that Ouarzazate is situated above 1100m.  But at least we are now on a camp site with electricity and our tent will be heated with a small electric heater. (Yes we are wussies:-)  It is a very cheap device and consumes very little electricity so that it works at any camp site with electricity but it makes a big difference.  Tomorrow morning we will go and visit the Atlas Film studios.




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